Nuclear Tourism During The 1950s In Las Vegas

When the United States elected to bring World War II to a decisive halt by dropping a nuclear bomb, the fallout was sudden and devastating. However, the city of Las Vegas had a completely different takeaway from this world-changing event.

Nuclear tourists started to descend upon the city on a regular basis in the wake of the blast. The local desert was once home to the most extensive nuclear testing site in the country. Over the course of 40 years, 928 tests took place and left dozens of craters litter the desert.

Model Posing In Front Of A Nuclear Cloud

Nuclear Tests Were An Ordinary Part Of Life In Las Vegas

Miss Atomic Bomb Of Sin City

Bomb Testing Over Fremont Street

Nuclear Fashion

Reporters Witnessing A Nuclear Test On Frenchman Flat, June 24, 1957

The Perfect Shot

Las Vegas Grew Accustomed To Bright Flashes From The Testing

And The Cloud Of Smoke That Followed

Roughly 100,000 Men And Women Were Employed At The Nuclear Testing Site

Hundreds Of Spectators Would Regularly Gather At These Nuclear Testing Sites

You Could Also Go See The Giant Craters Left Behind

Crazy To Think How Many Bombs Were Dropped Near Las Vegas

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