15 Non-Candy Halloween Treats For Trick-Or-Treaters

Every neighbor is going to be handing out candy on Halloween this year. Rather than do what everyone else is doing, stand out from the crowd with these fun non-candy options.

These options are a great choice for kids with food allergies.

1. Glow sticks

Did you know that kids are most at risk to get hit by a car on Halloween night, according to TODAY. Not only do children enjoy wearing glowstick necklaces, but they can be a great safety tool.

2. Stickers

Kids love putting stickers all over their shirts and school supplies. We recommend getting stickers by the sheet and handing them out that way to trick-or-treaters.

3. Honey

Honey companies are now selling individual packets that come in Halloween-theme packaging. Honey gives kids an energy boost and won’t keep them awake later. But be careful cause some kids are allergic to bees.

4. Snack bags

If you don’t have time to shop, fill some plastic bags with Goldfish, pretzels, and more.

5. Pencils, erasers, and pencil toppers

Find some fun school supplies with Halloween designs on them.

6. Bubbles

Pick up Halloween-themed party-sized bottles or grab packs of plain white ones and decorate each with Halloween stickers.

7. Spooky accessories

Go to the dollar store and get plastic spider rings, vampire’s teeth, and more. It’s a great alternative to candy for kids with food allergies.

8. Mini bottles of water

It’s hard to get kids excited about mini bottles of water, but the parents will be happy to hydrate! Come up with a clever name and draw it onto the bottle.

9. Playdough

This iconic toy will be used for months after Halloween. Try getting them in orange, black, and white.

10. Temporary tattoos

Kids love putting the tattoos on their bodies and then showing them off the next day at school.

11. Bouncy balls

Try finding bouncy balls that look like eyeballs. I know my kids got them last year and it was their favorite treat.

12. Key chains

Kids don’t have cars, but they love clipping them onto their jackets, backpacks, and more. Try getting ones that easily clip onto things.

13. Slap bracelets

The 80s and 90s are back! And so are slap bracelets. Available in a ton of cool colors, kids love trading them with each other.

14. Activity pads

You can buy little activity booklets for reading, drawing, puzzles, and more. Kids will have fun for hours playing with them.

15. Drink packets

Hand our hot chocolate, hot cider, or spooky punch packets. You can also create fun labels and stick them onto each one to make it even more festive.

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