Luxury Eco-Friendly Trailer Is Designed For Full-Time Nomadic Living

With rent prices becoming extortionate and house prices being unachievable, the best alternative to housing is to just give up, pack up, and become a nomad – you’d get to see a lot more places that way too. You may think it’s crazy, but a lot of people are starting to get into the alternative housing lifestyle. We’ve seen a surge in tiny homes, plus a lot of cool “converted” homes created out of materials you wouldn’t find in a traditional home or apartment setting. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do in order to keep a roof over your head. And of course, there has always been the humble RV. While no longer just for spending summer motoring around from state to state for two weeks with the wife, two kids, and overactive dog, these essential homes on wheels are getting quite the facelift as of late.

Many RVs are now getting into achieving both innovation and sustainability in their designs so that people can truly enjoy all the creature comforts and style of a normal home while driving around in one. Living Vehicle is a travel trailer company that has really embraced the nomadic lifestyle while still providing you with plenty of comfort and style. The company has recently unveiled their newest version of their signature design and appropriately named it the 2020 series.

The vehicle is a 100% aluminum structure which claims to be a net-zero vessel, which means “no energy in, no waste out.” So how can that be possible? Well, Living Vehicle explains that the latest design runs on an automotive-grade lithium battery, plus there is 200% more solar power than their previous model. This extra energy allows for the use of an air conditioning unit, a microwave, and central vacuum system.

The entire trailer measures 220 square feet and is roughly the same size as a tiny home, yet it is capable of sleeping 4-6 people. It comes in neutral tones so you can add your pop of color if you so wish. The master bedroom has a queen-sized mattress and is also fitted with a skylight! How quaint. There is a dining/lounge area which can also double as a sleeping area for any guests, or if your significant other and you had a fight. Obviously there is also an all-electric solar kitchen, which comes with a refrigerator, dishwasher, and an optional three-burner oven and cooktop. The bathroom has a rainfall shower, toilet, and also incorporates a skylight to make the enclosed space feel airier.

The home’s exterior has extensive glazing and solar panels, plus a platform deck – something that is sure to be a beloved feature come summertime. The deck can hold 1,500 pounds so you can easily fit a barbecue and some deck chairs for your own little private space in nature.

Even though it’s technically a home on wheels, there is no doubt that all these sleek and modern features will make you the envy of your friends.

So, what do you think of the 2020 series? Would you like to just give up and become a nomad?

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