6 Breathtaking Ways To Use The 9 Patch

If you’ve been around the quilting community for any amount of time, chances are you’ve heard of the nine patch. This classic block consists of – you guessed it – nine patches or mini squares of fabric. This is a great beginner block, which is why most quilters are so familiar with it! But the nine patch isn’t just for novice quilters – we have collected some of the most creative and stunning ways to use this block in your next quilt!

Disappearing Nine Patch

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.27.17 PM
We found this great tutorial from Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Company for the Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt Block which we know you are going to love! There is no need to be intimidated by this block when Jenny breaks it down so well for us. One of our favorite things about this block is how easy it is to make while still looking really complex and difficult to make, leading everyone to be even more impressed with your project.

Tossed Nine Patch

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 12.29.46 PM
The nine patch is a simple block that has endless possibilities for creativity and design, and continues to come up in numerous projects! In this tutorial from QuiltInADay, you will learn a simple, fun technique that turns an ordinary nine patch quilt into something absolutely extraordinary! The Tossed Nine Patch technique is such a great way to shake up your quilting and get a little creative. We just know you are going to love it!

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