White Claw Is Releasing 3 New Delicious Flavors

Summertime is oh so close and we cannot wait. One of the best parts of last summer was the rise of White Claw. Some might think that rosé season is here, but let’s face the facts….rosé season is all year round! White Claws just hit different in the summertime and we can all agree on that.

Spiked seltzer does not taste the same during the winter months, does it? If you are a White Claw lover, like us, you are sure to be rejoicing at the latest news. Their recent announcement about their new flavors is a special one. Remember last year? All we heard was “why doesn’t White Claw come in lemon?” and from the looks of it, they heard us loud and clear.

In addition to the new lemon flavors, they are also going to be offering watermelon and tangerine. It took 16 months of hard work but these flavors are finally here.

The tangerine White Claw provides a more breezy beverage, while the watermelon is tailor-made for your summer cookout. The lemon is the best of the bunch, but they’re all great flavors.

Best of all, these flavors are on hand right now. Whether you are looking to get your White Claw on now or you would rather stockpile them for later, you are sure to find a flavor that works for you. Variety packs are available and these variety packs also include the timeless classic mango flavor. Pass it on!

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