New Reality Show Follows The Heir Of Anheuser-Busch

A new reality show called “The Busch Family Brewed,” combines everyone’s two favorite things: beer and reality TV. MTV’s upcoming March series follows the Busch family – the same ones as Anheuser-Busch – as they deal with life and their business simultaneously.

The star of the show is the family’s patriarch, Billy Busch, who also happens to be the great-grandson of Anheuser-Busch – one of the co-founding heads of Adolphus Busch. In typical reality TV form, the show centers around Billy’s daily life, alongside that of his wife Christi, and their 7 children – all who range in age between 12 and 28 years old.

Judging from the promos, each kid has got their own distinct conundrums based on their personalities – there’s the sweet one, the responsible one, the wild one, etc. Perhaps this family may finally dethrone the ruling Kardashian clan in reality TV?

Based off an exclusive clip from PEOPLE, it appears that the Busch family resides on a 700-acre estate. The show’s main conflict will be the recent approval for the family to build a new craft brewery on their land – a complete first for the company in the last 150 years.

Billy Busch is no newbie to the public eye, having had some controversies of his own in the past. Back in 1980 during a bar fight, he was accused of biting a man’s ear. And then again in 2018, he entered a plea deal regarding a suspected assault on a sixth grader.

At present, the series will premiere with only 10 episodes in the season. The debut will be on the 5th of March on MTV at 9:00 PM EST. While we have no idea what is in store in terms of drama, we definitely are curious to watch.

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