10 Ways To Get A Completely New Look Using Contact Paper

We love home renovation and upcycling projects, but we don’t love the price tag that comes with them. It always sounds nice on paper to tackle a certain room or give new life to an old dresser or bookshelf, but we tend to lose steam about halfway through. If you can relate, we have some good news! We’ve found a few ways to upgrade your home and furniture that are cheap and easy to accomplish. All you need is contact paper! Keep reading to see our favorite contact paper DIY projects.

Frosted Windows

Isn’t this frosted glass look absolutely stunning? We love this idea. It’s great for French doors, like the ones in the photo above, but we also like this idea for windows on the front door or possibly the glass in a china hutch.

To get this look, simply grab some frosted contact paper and a stencil of your choosing. Center the contact paper over the glass you want to cover, and then tape the stencil in place to make sure it stays even. You can color it it with a sharpie, or paint in the stencil.


A classic upgrade, but an awesome one all the same! This a great idea for sprucing up a bookshelf you already have or one you pick up at a thrift store. One thing is for sure, there are always plenty of abandoned bookshelves looking for a new home at the thrift store.

Go ahead and paint the bookshelf, or sand it down and stain the wood, whichever you prefer. Once everything is dried and sealed, simply grab a roll of contact paper in a fun pattern, and cover the back of the bookshelf. It’s amazing what a difference this makes!


Who would have ever thought of putting contact paper on your staircase? We’re not sure where this idea originated from, but we love it. Add a pop of color or fun design and testure to your stairs with this little project.

Start by cleaning off and drying the staircase. Then, measure and cut your contact paper. Once applied, trim the edges carefully with a hobby knife to make sure everything fits nice and snug. The best part is, you can remove the contact paper if you want to switch it out or go back to the original look.


Wow! Talk about an inexpensive makeover! We absolutely love this idea, especially in a space like a laundry room or a storage room. The contact paper might be a bit much for the kitchen, plus it might not stand up to the wear and tear most kitchen cabinets get. But it’s perfect for those other, less used cabinets.

Start by wiping down and dryin the surface. Remove all hardware from the drawers and doors. Then, measure and cut the contact paper and stick on. We love contact paper becuase you can always remove it and straighten it out if you get bubbles in it.


Another classic furniture upgrade that we’ll never get tired of. Dressers, like bookshelves, are a dime a dozen at thrift stores, so if you don’t have one in mind you want to spruce up, you can easily find one for super cheap!

Start by painting the dresser if you so desire. Once everything is dry, remove the drawers and take out the hardware. Cover in contact paper, making sure to fold the corners so every visible part of the front of the drawer is covered. (Get more instructions on how to fold the corners in the video below). Once the drawers are covered, attach the hardware and slide them back in place!

See the rest of the contact paper upgrades in the video below!

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