Candid Footage Shows Just How Hard Being a New Dad Really Is

Every parent has been there: it’s the first week after the new baby has been born and you can’t seem to tell which way is up. The exhaustion of being a new parent is enough to make anyone drowsy, spacey, or even downright foggy. Such is the case with this new father who can barely keep his eyes open at the hospital with his spouse and new baby. The baby is only hours old and this father was already feeling the effects of little-to-no-sleep.

The footage shows the man holding what at first seems like it could be the newborn baby. However, when the camera zooms in we see that it’s actually a balled up piece of clothing that the new father has sleepily mistaken for the baby. The mom pans the camera back to where she is holding the real baby on her lap. We have to wonder how long the mom let this go on for! It just goes to show that being tired can affect each of us in ways we never thought it could! Have a look at this charming and hilarious footage in the video below.

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