Nestle Is Planning To Make Caffeinated Water To Get People Through The Workday

When you’re thirsty in the middle of the day and looking for a cool beverage, there is something about a glass of water. It just hits different, doesn’t it? However, there are moments when water simply does not cut it. If you have just woken up and you need that extra pick me up, caffeinated beverages are the go-to. Nestle is looking to cater to this audience with a new option.

Have you ever wished that there was water with caffeine in it? Of course, you have. That’s why we are here to deliver the greatest news that you are going to hear today. Nestle plans to release a new beverage: caffeinated water. There are already a few of these in the current marketplace but they are offered by companies that do not have the same sort of marketing muscle.

Once Nestle is released to the general public, we imagine that all of the others will become obsolete. Now that the world is making a renewed push towards the removal of single usage plastic, Nestle has been adversely affected by the shift. Consumers are going to benefit immensely from the move from Nestle, though. This is a smart and proactive business maneuver.

The best businesses identify a need in the general public that has yet to be filled and make the necessary adjustments. Yumi Clevenger-Lee is the Nestle Waters North America chief marketing officer and she has already offered some interesting commentary on the subject. “They need that morning or afternoon burst of energy….”, she said. She went on to speak about the importance of a gentle caffeine boost.

This makes a lot of sense, for sure. Everyone goes through the typical debates with themselves each day: to drink caffeine or not to drink caffeine? In a world where we are always being told to drink lots of water (while remaining energetic on the job), it is great to see a company considering these needs. The modern consumer is in the midst of an energy crisis.

If the good people at Nestle have their way, this crisis is going to be put to a swift and decisive end. If you are looking to enjoy the caffeinated water for yourself, be sure to start clearing out the shelf space now. The waters will be released to the public next year and we cannot wait. Take a moment to share this with the beverage aficionados in your life. They are definitely going to appreciate it!

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