You Can Take A Murder Mystery Wine Train Through Napa Valley

Napa Valley has a Wine Train! Wine and a train ride, who wouldn’t want that?

The Napa Valley Wine Train has a whole great roster of fun for 2020, with such fun-sounding themes for its murder mystery wine tours. Yes, that is correct, it does murder mystery wine tours – am I selling it yet?

Last year the themes were exciting – mostly ‘20s themed. However this year, they’re pulling out all the stops with everything from “Till Death Do Us Part,” to “Wizarding World.” That is right, you can bust out all your Harry Potter merch.

The wine tour takes about 3 hours. And in addition to a long list of delicious wines to choose from, there is also a multiple course meal that is quite gourmet. But the best part of the whole experience? Being encouraged to dress up in theme. I mean, who doesn’t love a good dress-up to accompany a murder mystery? Depending on which trip you choose to go on, there is an array of apparel choices – everything ranging from the 80s, wedding gear, or wizarding robes.

Sounds so fun!

If you are interested, you may want to start getting your pennies together, since tickets begin around $240 per person. The Napa Valley Train experiences have released their full 2020 list. You can find it below:

Feb. 22 – Crime and Punishment

Feb. 25 – Midnight at the Masquerade

March 2 – Crime and Punishment

April 25 – Crime and Punishment

May 15 – Death of a Gangster

May 29 – Crime and Punishment

June 12 – Death of a Gangster

June 27 – Crime and Punishment

July 16 – Totally ‘80s Totally Murder

July 30 – Dance with Death

Aug. 13 – Now you see it; Now you don’t

Aug. 27 – Death of a Gangster

Sept. 10 – Till Death Do Us Part

Sept. 24 – Till Death Do Us Part

Oct. 10 – Crime and Punishment

Oct. 24 – Wizarding World

Nov. 7 – Crime and Punishment

Nov. 14 – Crime and Punishment

Dec. 5 – Most Wonderful Crime

So, who is ready to splash out several thousand dollars, because a lot of these sound amazing!

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