5 Ways To Create Names For Your Fantasy Characters

fantasy character 2
So you have a great idea for a novel. Maybe you even have your protagonist all fleshed out and you have the storylines of some secondary characters rattling around in your head. But what are their names? When it comes to fantasy (or sci-fi, or a novel set in the distant past or future), half the battle of creating characters is finding the right name for them.

When you’re writing realistic fiction the names come easily, usually because they are familiar names, or at the very least they are names you’ve heard of before. With fantasy, it’s often up to the author to create brand new names for their characters. This is both a thrill and a huge responsibility!

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It can seem overwhelming, but we’ve got some strategies to help get those creative juices flowing. First things first – as soon as you think of a name, you better Google it! See if it already exists, or better yet, turn on “detect a language” in Google translate and see if the name is something from a different language.

Shaelin gives us a few different methods for creating names for characters in the video below. Go ahead and try a few of these methods out the next time you’re stuck!

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