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Girl Finds Mysterious Box In Grandpa’s Closet, Discovers Priceless Historic Treasure Inside.

Treasures come in all shapes and sizes, but the most valuable ones give us a glimpse into ages past.

One woman found a mystery box in her grandpa’s closet and was curious enough to check out the contents, and we’re sure glad she did. The box was clearly quite old and assumedly held a trove of contemporary things. At first glance, it seemed the contained little more than a few ancient family documents… but then she kept digging.

Check out the treasure found in the list below.

“Found a box in Grandpa’s closet. It doesn’t completely close. It’s not a very good box.”


“High school diplomas of Grandpa, Great Grandpa, and Great Uncle. Neat, but only to my family.”


“Highlights in no particular order. The grandparents probably saved the later ones, but some are probably from Grandpa’s parent’s collection.”

“Moon landing – 1969.”

“Moon landing, plus Kennedy news.”

“A princess becomes a queen – 1953.”

“The death of Lincoln. Technically 1865. This is either a reprint or a reprint of a reprint. You can tell by the Extra 8:10 a.m. headline. Max age, 1880.”

“Psychology from 1977.”

“End of WWII – 1945.”


“American bicentennial 7/4/1976.”

“Death of Kennedy.”

“End of WWII. Bonus – this newspaper doesn’t exist anymore.”

“The legitimately oldest paper in the box – 1891.”

“Death of Roosevelt – 1919.”

“End of WWI.”

“Eisenhower elected – 1952.”

“Death of President McKinley – 1901. Not sure why name is spelled that way.”

The scope of history is amazing. These newspaper clippings give us a glimpse into a time long gone by, that we would all do well to remember. Here’s to hoping treasures like these are preserved and we all stay curious enough to pursue them.

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