Mountain Dew Just Unveiled A New Body Wash That Smells Exactly Like The Soda

There are certain products that make us wonder who the target audience is supposed to be. If you or someone you love wishes that they could bathe in Mountain Dew, this product is the perfect one for them. Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast is here! We cannot believe that Mountain Dew is now a part of people’s daily showering routines but to each their own, right?

We are not here to judge anyone’s love for the sugary sodas. If this sounds like a product that previously only existed as a joke, that’s because it is. Have you heard of the concept of speaking things into existence? That’s one Reddit user did. Woopdeedo made a Photoshop of this body wash two years ago and we are sure that they never expected it to become a real thing.

The comments on the initial post were telling. While there were many who wondered why someone would ever want such a product, there were others who were hoping that it was real. Now, the latter group will be getting their wish. Most soda varieties are easy to pinpoint but Mountain Dew has the sort of flavor that cannot be readily identified.

That’s what makes this soda such a popular choice. There is an element of mystery that comes with a Mountain Dew that you are not going to get anywhere else. When the Reddit post started to take off, the Mountain Dew team saw all of the comments that were rolling in. They knew that they had to cater to the needs of their audience. In their words: “Who are we to deny Dew Nation?”

MTN DEW Body Wash Blast is being released to the public on a limited basis. The 8-ounce bottles are inscribed with the sort of phrases that you would expect. The “bold kick-ass confidence” that this body wash has to offer is infectious. The “intense citrus” flavor allows for the sort of shower experience that you are simply not going to get anywhere else. The Mountain Dew lovers out there had better act now, though.

Who knows how long this body wash is going to last on store shelves? As for the scent of the body wash? There is little to no agreement on what it actually smells like. Some say that this body wash is reminiscent of margaritas and others have compared it to pink lemonade. If you are someone who appreciates the scent of citrus, you are likely to enjoy this body wash. Please be sure to pass this one along to all of the Mountain Dew lovers in your life as soon as possible.

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