Monopoly Christmas Edition Exists And You Can Play As Santa, Roasted Turkey, And A Snowman

There are many board games out there, but I doubt that any come as close in popularity as Monopoly. It’s fun for the whole family, so it leaves little wonder that the board game is releasing a new addition just in time for the upcoming holiday season.

Fans will be happy to know that the new edition coming out is the Christmas edition. While this edition may have been released a while ago, there’s no denying that it manages to bring the family together to enjoy the special edition during the most wonderful time of year.

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Players can choose from one of six special tokens that are all in the Christmas design – which will no doubt remind you that the holidays are fast approaching. According to Cosmopolitan, all the designs consist of a reindeer, a Santa and a special Christmas dish, a roast turkey or chicken. And Amazon has a slightly different description of the tokens saying they’ll be, “Rudolph, a snowman, jelly/pudding, a random human figure holding gifts boxes.”

Sounds like fun so far. Definitely would be a great addition to any holiday gathering that you will have this holiday season. Monopoly is always a crowd-pleaser, just get ready for the competitiveness that it brings out in people. So far, there have been some great reviews that followed the release of the Christmas edition of Monopoly. They highlight the great satisfaction people gather from it.

One reviewer who goes by the username postman pat, gave the Christmas Monopoly game a full five stars along with the message, “great game, love playing it well worth getting it if you like Christmas, delivery was very quick.”

Another satisfied customer, Paula, another satisfied customer wrote the simple review, “Love the Christmas edition.”

Wjmerrills was another person who gave the board game a full five stars and added, “Item arrived a few days before Christmas after a 2 day wait. Brilliant.”

Along with giving the game five stars, one Mrs. Katie Tunstall stated, “Such a festively fun take on the classic, very happy with this, great game to pull out at Xmas.”

AH GURNEY also gave it a five-star review and said, “We love Monopoly. So to find a Christmas one to play on Christmas day was awesome. The family loved it.”

The price of the Monopoly Christmas Edition is $36, but every monopoly fan will know that it will be money well spent.

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