8 Secrets Of The Mona Lisa

The famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci has garnered much praise and speculation throughout the years. From the identity of the woman in the portrait to possible hidden messages, this painting is fascinating on many different levels.

One interesting fact about The Mona Lisa is that Da Vinci may have left is initials hidden within the painting. In the woman’s eyes, in fact. Some experts say it’s just an optical illusion (get it? Optical?); that it’s really just the cracks in the painting that happen to look like initials. Yet, there are plenty of people who believe otherwise. What do you think?

Perhaps the most famous part of The Mona Lisa is her elusive smile. Yes, the enigmatic, slight upturn of the lips seem to change depending on how and where you look at the painting. How did Da Vinci accomplish this? It’s all about perspective. If you look at the background of the painting, the lips are in your peripheral vision and the smile looks bigger than it actually is. When you look directly at the lips, they seem almost sad. This was a trick Da Vinci used often in his paintings – The Mona Lisa just so happens to be the most famous of his works.

Another little-known fact about this painting is that Da Vinci actually did three versions of it – one right on top of the other. Perhaps this is why it took him over four years to finish the painting!

Watch the video below for even more hidden secrets about this famous painting!

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