You Can Get An Ornament That Looks Like A Miniature Version Of Your House

My Christmas tree is covered in unique ornaments that I’ve collected over the years, but I’ve gotta say that a miniature version of my own house is one I don’t have yet.

Samantha Bravoco owner of the Etsy shop Forever Figurines specializes in creating mini replicas of people’s homes.

Here’s how it works: Customers send Bravoco photos of their home and then she sculpts it out of polymer clay.

She really takes time to makes sure all the details are included in her designs.

Even the way she texturizes the trees is pretty on point.

Bravoco told People that she started her Etsy shop to create miniature ornament versions of people’s wedding cakes and pet sculptures. But her tiny homes have taken off and make up the majority of her business. She even does businesses and office buildings.

“I have had many beautiful and emotional responses from customers over the years,” Bravoco said. “Many are brought to tears as they open their items, whether it be the memory of the house they grew up in or their wedding cake, or a pet they have lost and long adore.”

Take a look at one of her mini cakes on her Instagram site, which comes complete with little bride and groom figurines.

“Everything is custom, handmade and hand-painted so they take time and I can only do so many per day,” Bravoco told “Today.”

If you want to get an ornament in time for Christmas this year…think again. Bravoco is so in demand that she has a waitlist of six to seven months.

We think her ornaments are so adorable that they are worth the wait.

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