This Mini-Castle Was In Ruins. You Won’t Believe How It Was Restored!

Jimmy and his wife came across this mini castle in the woods and fell in love with it. Jimmy is an architect and designer, and the moment he saw the castle in ruins, he had great plans to restore it. The couple bought the property for about $130,000. Over the next few months, they spent around $400,000 to renovate and restore the castle.

The goal was to keep as much of the original “fabric” as Jimmy calls it, as possible. This castle isn’t just brick and mortar – you can actually see that the stones have fossils embedded inside. Shells, trilobites, and other Jurassic Era gems are all over. In fact, that was the whole purpose of this mini castle – to showcase the fossils in a unique way.

After a long and involved process, the castle was restored and updated to have all the features and conviniences of modern life. Jimmy was involved every step of the way.

Speaking of steps, Jimmy confesses that the most difficult part of the restoration process was the staircase. Using incredibly accurate 3D imaging, he was able to fit the stairs in the allotted space. As you might imagine, none of the measurements in the castle were standard by any stretch of the imagination.

The castle is divided up into three floors. The outside staircase and front door opens up to the second floor, which is a sitting area. Jimmy explains it’s their favorite part of the house because they have a 360° view of the trees, hills, and countryside.

You’d think the modern decor would clash with the historic walls and structure of the castle, but it somehow works perfectly and makes for the most magical combination.

The bedrooms are on the top floor. While they are small, they house everything they need to. The couple loves their castle, but they know it won’t allow them to have any more kids. So, with a reluctant heart, they are in the process of putting the mini-castle on the market. They are asking for $1 million. They are sad to leave, but will always be proud of their accomplishment in restoring this castle!

Watch the full tour of the house, including the kitchen and breakfast nook in the basement!

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