Michigan Hospital’s Neonatal ICU Is Looking For Volunteer ‘Baby Cuddlers’

There is something interesting going on at the Covenant HealthCare Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Saginaw. They are looking for volunteers to cuddle, comfort, soothe, and rock newborn babies.

Volunteers are needed for 4 hour-long shifts that will cover the time between midnight and 8 AM.

In order to get involved as a volunteer, you will have to go through an interview and an extensive background check. A press release by Covenant also says that you will need extensive training to take part in it. As a baby cuddler, you will have to donate at least four hours every week or every other week and you need to commit to the job for at least a year.

The volunteers will be assisting the staff in the RNICU around the clock, seven days per week. At this time, Covenant is only looking for volunteers to work during the early morning hours.

Approximately 500 volunteers already serve at Covenant in various capacities. They come in all ages, cultures, and backgrounds and are there to support over 40 service areas within the medical facility.

In order to be considered as a volunteer, you can apply online.

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