This Melted Pot Tragedy Is Proof That Some Roommates Can’t Be Trusted

This is the type of story that is bound to dredge up some painful memories, especially for those who have had to live with roommates in the past. Maybe you were lucky enough to live with people who were perfectly compatible with you? If so, you are one of the fortunate ones. As for the rest of us out there, this is a story that is all too easy to relate to.

One Twitter user recently shared their story of roommate related suffering and we cannot stop laughing. You may have seen the image of a melted pot on your timeline recently. Once you have had the chance to learn more about the context, you are going to laugh even harder. Twitter user _aniebananie9’s caption is hilarious. We definitely have not had a roommate THIS dumb!

She wins that battle. This is a tough sight to take in. We cannot even fathom the level of stupidity that would allow such an event to take place. You really have to lose track of your meal for a pot to melt this badly. We just want to know what it was that kept them distracted for this long. What was she doing? Inquiring minds want to know and we need to know now.

Twitter took in the photo and did what they do best: offer snarky jokes and helpful commentary. The quote tweet brigade had an absolute field day with this one. The most ridiculous part of all? This woman’s roommate did not even bother to offer any sort of explanation for what took place. When she was reached for comment, she still had not heard a word.

That’s right. It’s been weeks since the initial incident occurred and there has been no follow up information. Fortunately, she was able to contact the managers at her current place and was able to avoid any of the costs associated with clean up. This tweet did provide us with one valuable service, however. We now appreciate the roommates that we did have a bit more than we did before.

After all, none of them ever managed to do something that was quite this stupid before. Things can always be worse, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and so on and so forth. If you laughed at this story as hard as we did, please take a moment to share it with your friends, loved ones or even an old roommate or two! They are sure to chuckle.

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