10 Things McDonald Staff Secretly Does Behind The Scenes

We sometimes learn things that we would rather not know about fast food restaurants. They often come from former employees, including from this person who used to work at McDonald’s. He reveals some of the things that happened behind the scenes, some of which are actually positive. Here are some to consider.

1. Eat leftovers after the restaurant closes – when you eat something freshly cooked just before closing it might taste better after a long shift.

2. We get even with rude customers – you might find that there is a lot of ice in your Coke or your burger may be flattened in the bag. Have you ever had a fry box that is half full? Think about it.

3. A tasteless milkshake? – There are times when we just don’t feel like changing the bag of syrup, so you end up with a plain shake instead of vanilla.

4. We customize our burgers during breaks – ever had a Big Mac with bacon or a McChicken with cheese? I think we’ve tried them all at some point or another.

5. You might get extra toppings on your McFlurry – if you’ve ever had some extra toppings show up on your McFlurry, it might just be because you were a polite customer.

6. We might lie about apple pies – apple pies take a long time to cook so sometimes, we tell you we are out of them.

7. We might use Monopoly vouchers you leave behind – anything we can get for free is good with us.

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8. We might keep those free coffee vouchers – they might not always get ripped up and put in the trash after you use them.

9. Toilet breaks are sometimes snack breaks – sometimes we might just grab an orange juice on our way out.

10. Old chicken nuggets are fun – rather than throwing out old chicken nuggets we sometimes use them to play a game with them. It could be baseball, bowling or football. No rules!

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