High School Teacher Transforms Mathematical Equations Into Gorgeous Fashion Prints.

For Diarra Bousso Gueye, life is all about balance.

She’s both a math teacher at a high school in Silicon Valley, California and a fashion designer with a company based in Senegal. What makes her products so unique is that she blends her logical and creative sides by using math to make her breathtaking patterns.

Diarra grew up in Senegal and moved to Norway to complete high school. When she graduated, she headed to the U.S., where she continued her studies with a focus on math, economics, and statistics. She then briefly worked on Wall Street before devoting herself to teaching.

It wasn’t until she was grading papers one day that she had the brilliant idea to use math equations in fashion. She launched her company, Diarrablu, in 2015 and quickly got to work. She started sketching geometric and quadratic equations on paper and transforming them into bold, colorful patterns

“My work is fully focused on the use of mathematics for the creative process,” she said. “I am proud to call myself a creative mathematician, and I spend my day doing or teaching math. As a result, all my creations have this DNA.”

Her other source of inspiration is her home. For example, the idea for her popular Joal print is meant “to recreate the ecosystem of Joal Fadiouth, an iconic coastal town in Senegal.” She did this by graphing exponential and quadratic functions to create gorgeous seashell shapes.

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