71-Years-Young Explorer to Travel the Ocean by Barrel

French sailor Jean-Jacques Savin has traveled the Atlantic 4 times by sailboat over the years, but this time he’s going for a journey in a rather different vessel. The 71-year-old has constructed a barrel of steel, complete with a tiny kitchenette and sleeping area, in which to (hopefully) cross the Atlantic.

There is no propeller or rudder on this vessel as Savin is letting the ocean decide where he goes, much like a message in a bottle being directed by the waves of the ocean. Savin is hoping that with a little luck he will end up near a French colony like Martinque, ideally around March of 2019. Savin launched the day after Christmas 2018 and has been reporting his progress via GPS and making updates on his Facebook page as he moves through the waters.

Savin brought a bottle of champagne for New Years and a bottle of wine for his birthday and has said he hopes this adventure proves that he’s “still got it.” See the barrel and the sailor in the video below.

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