Man Only Eats KFC For A Week And Loses 2 Pounds In The Process

One of my favorite things to do on Sundays is to get a KFC $20 Fill Up with my husband and watch football. I can only afford to this every once in a while so I don’t gain weight, but one man from England ended up eating nothing but KFC for an entire week and actually managed to lose a few pounds.

YouTuber Mike Jeavons told his fans about his plan to eat KFC for a week and continued updating them on his progress both mentally and physically.

Jeavons basically decided to mimic the documentary Super Size Me for a week to see if he would still like his favorite fast-food chain, “I love KFC and wanted to see if I’d still love it if it was all I ate for a week.”

Jeavons said that eating KFC regularly increased his daily sodium intake by 150% and that he suffered from a “salt hangover”. He also said he felt some withdrawal symptoms and cravings that he didn’t expect to have prior to the experiment.

That craziest part of his mini-documentary was the fact that he actually lost 2 pounds!

Jeavons said that he spent roughly $135 dollars on KFC that week and tried out almost all of the menu options. He managed to eat around 2,000 calories a day on average which explains why he was able to lose weight. But, Jeavons added, his fat intake increased 250%, so who knows?

After completing the challenge, Jeavons says that he “had a lot of fun eating all the naughty food” and that he’s “missing the flavors and the salty kick. Food doesn’t seem as salty to me anymore.”

He also mentions that he was tired all the time and that his body would crave water every morning when he woke up because of the increased salt intake.

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