Malibu Rum Just Launched A Canned Coconut Drink That Tastes Like Summer

Even when it’s the middle of winter, there is something about making a drink with Malibu Rum that feels so summery. To be honest, I’m not the best at making cocktails, so when I heard that the liquor company was releasing new Malibu Splash cans I was ecstatic.

Canned boozy beverages are all the rage these days, so it makes perfect sense to come out with a canned beverage of their own. Malibu Splash will feature fruity flavors with a coconut base – genius!

The brand will have four different sparkling flavors to choose from: Strawberry & Coconut, Lime & Coconut, Passion Fruit & Coconut, and Pineapple & Coconut. The 12-ounce slim cans are malt-based and have 5% ABV.

Just like White Claw, you will be able to get each flavor packaged individually or as a variety pack with two cans of each flavor. I will most likely go with the variety pack until I find my favorite flavor.

People have been excited to try Malibu Splash and shared their thoughts on social media:

“[Malibu Rum’s] long anticipated sparkling drinks have FINALLY arrived!” one liquor Instagram account captioned a photo.

“These are gonna be a huge hit so come and stock up,” wrote another account.

At this time we don’t know where the drinks will be made available and if they will be testing them regionally or go nationwide.

With this weather, I am experiencing I could so use a can right now!

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