Mac And Cheese Ice Cream Is Apparently A Thing Now

Ice cream flavors are getting more and more unhinged and we are not here for it. Why can’t anyone just enjoy the ice cream flavors that we have already agreed upon? Instead, we have to endure all of the talk about olive oil ice cream or balsamic vinegar ice cream or whatever the next zany flavor may be. You may have heard about mac and cheese ice cream recently and been stunned.

We know that we were. Why would anyone want to combine two perfectly good flavors like this? Mac and cheese is awesome. Ice cream is also pretty good. Dare we leave these great things alone? No. We go and ruin things. Chuck Wendig is the author who decided to take the plunge and see what the fuss was about. God bless his heart because we would never have tried this ice cream ourselves.

The Internet was waiting on the edge of their seats for a report from this brave soul. We cannot say that we blame them. Even if this ice cream does not look all that appetizing, there is something to be said for the man’s bravery. Ultimately, we are not surprised by his review. Chuck was not a fan, calling the concoction a “mistake.” This should not be shocking to anyone, right?

There is no universe where these things needed to be combined with each other and we wish that no one had ever decided to do so. In a world where there is no shortage of awesome ice cream flavors to choose from, we are not sure why anyone would ever need to concoct something so gross. The base of the treat may have been great, but there’s no freezing pasta.

Frozen pasta sounds like one of the worst ice cream toppings that we can think of and that’s why we are grateful to Chuck for being so honest with his review. Chuck told it like it was with the videos that he shared telling the whole story. There are a lot of people who would have pulled punches or dared to be different and we’re thankful to Chuck for confirming our skepticism.

Who on Earth would see this and think to themselves, “yeah, that is worth eating,” and then proceed to chow down? We do not wish to meet this maniac out in the wild. If you are feeling gluttonous these days, there are better ways to go about it than this. Please share this story, as a means of warning others. Friends do not let friends consume ice cream with macaroni and cheese on top of it….for any reason!

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