Mac And Cheese 6 Ways

Ah, mac and cheese. The ultimate comfort food. Nothing hits the spot quite like a spoonful of cheesy, carb-a-licous goodness, am I right? Boxed, baked, it doesn’t really matter; all forms of this delicious stuff are welcome at my table. That being said, there are always ways to improve upon a classic dish like mac and cheese! Let’s see six game-changing ways to make mac and cheese in the list below.

French Onion Mac And Cheese

French Onion Soup and Mac and Cheese are two of the great food loves of my life, and I felt like it was high time they meet. Not all food mashups are meant to be, but this is one where the two dishes truly complement each other – the rich sweetness of the onions goes so well with all that salty, creamy cheese and the carby comfort of macaroni does what it does best… fill you right up, stomach and soul. Get the recipe here!

One Pot Tuscan Chicken Mac And Cheese

’m all about the one-pot pastas lately, because they make for great quick and satisfying weeknight meals, but this one has definitely taken the lead. The combination of the seared, seasoned chicken breast with the chew of the noodles in that creamy, cheesy sauce is just about perfect, and the Tuscan flavor combo of spinach and sun-dried tomato has this slight sharpness that cuts through the richness in a way that only lifts it up. Get the recipe here!

Copycat Panera Bread Mac And Cheese

Panera Bread has so many menu items that we absolutely love, and of all the options from bread to soup, salads, and desserts, there is one item that defines comfort food. Panera’s mac and cheese is one of the most crave-worthy items on the entire menu, and we’ve had our fair share of mac and cheese in our time. There’s just something about this one that we go gaga over. It’s so creamy and cheesy, with a great tang and perfectly cooked noodles. We’ve done our best to recreate this recipe in our own kitchen and boy does it sure taste good. Get the recipe here!

Mashed Potato Mac And Cheese

Get ready to serve up a decadent combination of deliciousness: mashed potato mac ‘n’ cheese. One part of this is store-bought, the other part is made from leftovers and everything comes together in a dish of indulgence. And if the creamy cheesiness isn’t enough to satisfy you, then the browned cheese topping should be the “icing on the cake,” as they say. Get the recipe here!

Crispy Ranch Mac And Cheese

While macaroni and cheese might be our first food love, it’s followed closely by anything with ranch dressing/seasoning in it. This easy ranch rendition of our favorite homemade comfort food requires very little effort, so if you’re a lover of the mac and cheese, and your dressing and dip preference veers toward ranch, get your oven mitts out – you’re in for a great dinner! Get the recipe here!

Creamy Tortellini Mac And Cheese

We’ve really run the gamut and aimed to try as many different mac and cheeses as possible, but this ridiculously creamy tortellini version might top them all. Packed full of caramelized onion and bacon, with a generous helping of velveeta for maximum smoothness (though you can use any cheese you like), this pasta is decadently delicious and we guarantee everyone you serve it to will rave about it. You can’t lose with this one! Get the recipe here!

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