Lucky Charms Is Officially Coming Out With Ice Cream

Sometimes the world can bless us with the most magical and delicious news. Before you continue reading on, we recommend sitting down cause Lucky Charms is about to release ice cream!

The Lucky Charms Ice Cream will have a creamy vanilla dairy base that has swirls of cereal with marshmallow charms scattered throughout.

But that’s not all! Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored ice cream is going to hit shelves too. Now you can eat cereal for breakfast and desert…Or in our case, eat ice cream for breakfast and dessert.

It was only just a few months ago that Pillsbury rolled out Lucky Charms Cookie dough. Now imagine making fresh Lucky Charms cookies and adding a cold scoop of Lucky Charms Ice Cream over the top of it.

The new ice cream will come in 14-ounce and 48-ounce sizes. It will be available at most major grocery stores and mass merchandisers in the coming months as well as convenience and drug stores.

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