Break-Up-Themed Bar In Los Angeles Shows Break-Up Movies On The Wall

Valentine’s Day might be fun for those who are in relationships, but singles tend to suffer a bit. Who wants to be subjected to watching everyone else’s lovey-dovey moments when you’re totally miserable? Luckily, there are a few locations that are going to be looking out for the singles today. Hooters will let you bring in a photo of an ex and tear it in half in exchange for free wings.

Now, a Los Angeles bar is getting in on the act. This watering hole is known as BreakUp Bar, and it’s a wonderful spot for a Valentine’s Day outing. At long last, there’s a place for the jilted lovers among us. The bar is also here to provide you with the best possible menu for the occasion. We’ll take one I Dealt With Your Parents For Years, please!

The Ghosted and Serious Baggage also sounds pretty awesome. Heck, we will take one of each. The bar also offers plenty of champagne, in case you’re are in the mood for a bottle of the bubbly.

This pop-up bar is now in its second year of existence. It is rapidly becoming a Valentine’s Day tradition for those who reside in the Los Angeles area. The BreakUp Bar made its triumphant return on January 31.

It will remain open until the 16th of February. If you are single in the Los Angeles area and searching for plans, you are all set. Extravagant desserts are even available for those who need to eat their feelings. Bite-sized foods will be kept on hand as well. The ambiance here sounds amazing. We are already enamored with the Wall of Broken Relationships.

This is a place where patrons are given the chance to air all of their grievances with their exes. To set the mood, break up movies are also projected onto a wall in the bar. From the looks of it, these guys have thought of everything. You are going to want to make a reservation here, though. That’s the best way to make sure that you get a table.

The reservations will run you $20 apiece and come with a complimentary cocktail or a sparkling wine flight. If you did not have any Valentine’s Day plans to speak of, guess what? You certainly do now.

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