Why Your Local Aldi Store Doesn’t Have A Phone Number

ALDI is best known for being a grocery store that mixes quality with affordability. However, unlike other local grocery stores that you can easily call up with questions, ALDI doesn’t exactly make it easy to get in touch with them.

If you were to do an online search for your nearby ALDI store’s phone number, you would find that the phone number is the same as every other store’s location: (855) 955-2534.

And if you call, you will hear the following automated message, “Thank you for contacting ALDI U.S. Due to our limited store staffing, the phone numbers for our stores are unlisted. This is part of our savings model that allows us to pass on significant savings to our customers.”

Who would’ve known?

Reader’s Digest broke it down, explaining that there are only 3-5 employees at any given ALDI store, at any given time. And naturally, they are all focused on serving their customers. Since ALDI keeps their employee count low, that benefits customers since prices in stores are kept low.

So, how do you get your questions answered if ALDI has a scant staff? Well, it turns out that the store has thought of that by making sure that the internet can provide all the answers. Their website has quite the packed FAQ section. There, they feature all kinds of answers to questions such as “Why do I need a quarter to use a shopping cart at ALDI?” or “If you don’t have the brands I know, how can I be sure of the quality?” Their website has other tabs that list out other helpful information such as product recalls, Instacart delivery, plus a store locator complete with each location’s opening hours.

If this doesn’t help to answer your question, then you do have the option to reach out to ALDI via email, or you can also call their corporate customer service line during normal business hours a (800) 325-7894.

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