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Little Refugee Boy Sings “My Heart Will Go On” & Has Judges Standing On The Chairs

Young Afghan Refugee Sings

Growing up as a refugee from a war-torn country has its unique set of challenges. This inspirational story shines a light on how one little boy found hope during a time of great struggle.

Abu is just thirteen years old, but he’s experienced more than most adults. He’s originally from Afghanistan, and the country that he loves has become an increasingly dangerous place to live. He and his family were forced to flee, and they now live in Belgium as refugees.

As much as Abu misses his friends in Afghanistan, he is happy now living in Belgium and grateful to be safe from the atrocities they left behind. He’s now able to pursue his true passion, singing.

Abu is a contestant on “The Voice Global,” a Belgian version of the popular US television talent show. During his blind audition, the young man stepped up to the microphone and at this moment propelled himself towards a bright future.

Abu-the-voice-globalYoung Afghan Refugee Sings

Abu chose Celine Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On” for his audition, sharing that he felt a connection to the story of the Titanic because “the people on the Titanic were looking for a new life in a boat going to another country. I think this is very sad. I want to show that I also fled like that.”

Young Afghan Refugee SingsYoung Afghan Refugee Sings

Abu took on this iconic and extremely difficult song with seeming ease. All three coaches, Josje Hulsman, Sean Dhondt, and Laura Tesoro hit their buttons to turn their chairs around before Abu had finished the first verse. The coaches turned to see “the voice” singing this song and Abu met them with a huge smile.

As Abu got to the song’s refrain, the coaches showed their enthusiasm for the young talent. All three coaches jumped to their feet to cheer him on, with Laura confessing, “I have goosebumps all over!” once Abu had finished singing.

Young Afghan Refugee Sings

Sean said to Abu at the end of the song, “You’re making a grown man cry, thank you,” said Sean. “I wanted to sit front row to this performance.”

Abu has his pick of coaches, and he’s off to the next round of the competition. Watch Abu’s jaw-dropping performance and share if you like it!


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