Little Caesars Is Selling A New Pie That Is Half Pizza And Half Cheese Sticks

Little Caesars made a huge announcement during the Super Bowl that they would be delivering pizzas.

Every fan of Little Caesars was stoked on the news…But what if I told you that there was even cooler news on the horizon?

According to Chewboom, Little Caesars has been testing out a half pizza, half cheese sticks hybrid at select locations across the USA including Tulsa, OK, area, in Florence, Dillon and Conway, SC, and in Lumberton, NC.

Photo: Little Caesars

The genius creation is called the ‘Slices-n-Stix’ pizza and consists of four slices of pepperoni pizza and eight Cheese Stix, with Crazy Sauce on the side. This is music to my ears as my husband and I love to order both pizza and breadsticks but never seem to finish it all.

The entire thing will only set you back around $6! I guess we’re just going to have to wait until it comes to our neck of the woods. In the meantime, we’ll just have to order our breadsticks and pizza separately.

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