The Story Behind the 145-year-old Levi’s Logo

From their origin as the most durable pants of the era for cowboys (and farmers and miners) to the fashion of the 1970s and bell bottoms, there’s no era in recent history where jeans weren’t important. The iconic Levi’s brand jeans have been a staple wardrobe item for Americans for going on 150 years now and the story behind the Levi’s horse logo is pretty fascinating.

The Levi’s brand, officially Levi Strauss & Co., wasn’t even called that until 1928 (despite having been in business since 1873) because people knew them primarily from their logo. At the time customers simply called them the “two horse brand,” though there weren’t yet many competing jeans companies in the 1800s.

Later touches, like the red tab and the batwing logo, further helped to define the brand and make Levi’s products instantly recognizable around the world. Have a look at the history behind the everyone’s favorite denim company in the video below.

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