Landlord Decreases Rent To $100 During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping the way that we live in everyday life. For most of us, there is no precedent here. We are all learning as we go, and many of the activities that we have taken for granted are falling by the wayside as we try our best to mitigate the spread. Going to work is no longer a given and neither is spending time with our friends and loved ones.

Even something as simple as shaking hands is over with for the time being. While some employees have been able to continue working from home, there are a wide range of people who have been sent home without knowing where their next paycheck is coming from. This leaves people in a very tough predicament now that the first of the month is right around the corner.

In a time where we seem to struggle to find good news, it is time to highlight the good deeds that are being done in the world. This landlord has decided to look out for his tenants and is passing the idea along to others. He hopes that others in his position will be inspired to do the right thing. John Zutz is not going to allow his tenants to skip out on rent completely.

However, he is going to slash his prices significantly. His tenants are only going to be required to spend $100 for the month of April. He is hoping that this decision can ease the financial concerns that so many of his tenants are already facing. A global pandemic is enough to worry about without being faced with an eviction notice at the same time.

Lutz is also hoping that his decision will allow more of his tenants to spend their windfall within local businesses. Each of his tenants received a letter explaining his decision. We are sure that they were grateful for his generosity. There are too many landlords out there who are unwilling to consider the current circumstances and they are forcing all of their tenants into a very tough bind.

No one should have to worry about having a decent place to stay when we are in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic. Kudos to Lutz for being ready to do what so many other landlords aren’t. The economy is only going to remain effective when all of our dollars are continuing to circulate.

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