You Can Pretend You’re On An Italian Getaway By Drinking LaCroix Limoncello-Flavored Seltzer In 2020

Now that spiked seltzers are all the rage, it is great to see our favorite non-alcoholic brands getting in on the action. These seltzers allow us to combine our favorite passions: refreshing beverages and alcoholic ones. The debates are currently raging on as well. Which of the top brands is truly the best? We are torn, to be honest. We are not sure which one to choose!

The decision is only going to become more difficult now. LaCroix is tossing their hat into the ring. They make some of the best seltzer that is not spiked, though. These classic beverages are a great addition to any refrigerator and now there is a new flavor to be enjoyed. If you ever found yourself dreaming of a limoncello option, the good folks at LaCroix have got you covered.

We love the tangerine and grapefruit LaCroix, that is for sure. The release was announced on the company’s social media pages this week. This is not a drill or a pump fake. Limoncello LaCroix is on the way and we are clearing out the necessary space in the fridge as we speak. We suggest that you do the same. No additional details were offered, so we do not know what to expect.

Does the limoncello flavor differ from the usual lemon flavor that LaCroix has to offer? There is only one way to find out. All we saw was an ad that placed a can in front of the beautiful Italian riviera. From there, we were sold and that is that. The vague ad only served to heighten the level of enthusiasm that LaCroix fans are currently feeling.

All anyone knows for sure is that the limoncello flavor will make its way into stores next year. The social media reactions once the ad was released are priceless. There were many who did not know how to react, so they used gifs instead.

The reactions are much different from the reactions that took place when LaCroix decided to release a hibiscus flavor.

The flavor that people expected was not there and there was a great deal of disappointment. We suspect that the limoncello will not cause the same sort of letdown. In a perfect world, we could add some actual limoncello to these cans.

That would certainly spice things up a bit! In the meantime, be sure to share this story with all of the LaCroix lovers in your life as soon as possible.

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