Krispy Kreme Made Green Donuts In Honor Of St. Patrick’s Day

Krispy Kreme prides itself on assisting you with all of your holiday celebrations. They are always commemorating these events in all sorts of amazing ways. Whether you have had the chance to enjoy their Santa donuts or their Thanksgiving donuts, you have probably commemorated the occasions with them! Now, the St. Patrick’s Day revelers are getting their chance to enjoy the deliciousness.

They are going all out for this special occasion. Can you believe that the entire menu is going to be turning green? Every single cruller in the establishment will have an emerald hue. This promotion runs from March 14th through March 17th.

The chocolate iced donuts will have green creme. Even the strawberry iced donuts are going to be covered in St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles. Krispy Kreme is not content to merely dress up your old favorites, either.

They are here to provide you with a whole new St. Patrick’s Day option. It is called the Leprechaun Trap Doughnut and even the most ardent Krispy Kreme stans won’t be able to believe their eyes.

The pastry is designed to look just like a pot of gold. The filling is Irish Kreme, as you would have expected. We must offer you a warning, these donuts are not going to be available in large quantities. Those who are looking to take home dozens and dozens of them will have to be content with what is on hand.

This is the most exciting Krispy Kreme that we have come across ever since the most recent return of the chocolate glazed option. Don’t miss out on the fun!

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