Finally Put An End To Kitchen Clutter With This Brilliant Idea!

If your kitchen cupboards look anything like ours, then you could use all the little tips and tricks you can get to help keep things organized! One thing almost everyone struggles with is keeping track of those pesky Tupperware lids. We love Tupperware as an easy way to store and carry leftovers, but the lids are out of control!

With this simple little trick, you can have easy access to all of your Tupperware lids, not to mention keep things nice and clean in your cupboards. Simply grab an inexpensive basket and a cooling rack, and you’re all set. Place the cooling rack inside of the basket and you have a nice way to keep your lids all organized!

Once you have your Tupperware lid situation under control, it’s time to move on to the rest of those kitchen cupboards. We don’t know how it happens, but even with the best of intentions, the cupboard below the sink always seems to get cluttered. For us, we keep most of our cleaning supplies down there. Have you ever thought about getting a cheap lazy Suzan to store those bottles of cleaning supplies so you don’t have to keep reaching for different things and getting everything all cluttered? Genius!

Watch the video below for more details on each of these projects, plus get a few more brilliant organizational hacks for the kitchen!

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