Kit Kat Is Releasing A New Raspberry Crème Flavor For Valentine’s Day

Kit Kats are one of the top candies in the world for good reason. Now, they are rolling out a brand new flavor in time for Valentine’s Day. The Raspberry Crème is here! Even if you are going to be spending the day alone, they are still the picture-perfect treat. The classic milk chocolate that you know and love has been replaced.

Some might call it an upgrade, though. The white crème that covers these Kit Kats is raspberry flavored. If you would like to take home some of these Kit Kats for yourself, head to your local Wal-Mart. The bags of miniatures that are available will allow you to share them if you so choose. Pass them out to your friends and family or gorge yourself while watching your favorite romantic comedies.

The choice is yours! If you do not happen to live in close proximity to Wal-Mart, there are other options available. Eagle-eyed Instagram users have found them at a wide range of other outlets. The Stop N Shop is a great place to check. Be sure to pay close attention to your Instagram feed if you would like to learn more about other viable locations.

No one seems to know if these Kit Kats are going to be offered in bar form but we sure do hope so. At this point in time, they are only available in the miniature format. Fruit and chocolate go well together, don’t they? We cannot wait to develop a stockpile of these in our pantry. Kit Kat has confirmed a number of flavors to come in 2020 but we did not know that these are among them.

Kit Kat did a great job to keep this information under wraps (and by extension, the Hershey’s company). We are willing to guess that these candies are not going to be released until Valentine’s Day, though. The hearts that adorn the packaging are a dead giveaway. We are not sure if these Kit Kats are going to outdo the strawberry flavor that was released a few years back but we can’t wait to find out.

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