Kit Kat Mini Ice Cream Bars Are Rumored To Be Hitting Stores Soon

Chocolate and ice cream go together like the best of friends. They simply make sense together, don’t they? Whether you are enjoying ice cream that is inspired by candy companies like Reese’s or simply tucking into some good old fashioned chocolate chip, there is no denying this connection. Do you know what is even more awesome than the usual classics?

New and interesting snacking inventions, of course. We all love to see it when our favorite candy companies find new ways to market their products. That’s what makes this news so exciting. The good folks at Kit Kat are always looking out for us. They have been responsible for some of our favorite snacking moments over the years, that is for sure.

Kit Kat is rumored to be bringing miniature ice cream bars to your grocer’s freezer and we cannot wait. This is already one of our new favorite snacks, never mind the fact that we have not even had one yet. The heart wants what it wants. Candyhunting is the Instagram user who brought this news to our attention. It should go without saying but we are forever grateful to them for doing so.

We could get into all sorts of fancy terminology but the simple fact remains: they have placed ice cream inside of a Kit Kat bar! What more could any of us possibly need to know here? The only thing that we have to do now is start to clear out our freezer space. If you are going to have enough freezer storage space to truly stock up, you need to act now.

Otherwise, you might be left out in the cold….no pun intended. We do not have a lot of information to offer about these treats but we are excited nonetheless. It will be nice to come across these at our local stores. While it would be lovely to get a date on this matter, there is something to be said for the element of surprise at times like these.

If we hear anything else from the company about these ice cream bars, you are going to be the first to know. Kit Kat lovers everywhere should take the time to share away. After all, you do not want your friends and loved ones to find out about this new and interesting development from someone else!

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