Kit Kat’s New Lemon Crisp Flavor Has Summer Written All Over It

Hershey recently revealed a new Kit Kat flavor just in time for Valentine’s Day. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, as you may have expected. Most of us have yet to even try that one yet and there is already news of a new one. The Kit Kat Lemon Crisp is here, ready to make you forget all about the doldrums of winter. We cannot wait to enjoy our first bite.

We bet that these Kit Kats taste just like summer! @candyhunting is the Instagram account that is responsible for presenting these new items to the world. We are beyond grateful to them for doing so. Without these updates, we would have had no idea. @brickt13 and @snackstalker are also responsible for helping to spread the word, so give them some kudos as well.

These treats seem way more suited to the summertime but we are willing to wait. Who are we to look a gift horse in the mouth? The Kit Kat gods have been good to us. We are not about to question them, even if it is in jest. These treats were first stopped at a Food Lion location but we hope that they are available in other locations. We deserve our chance to stockpile these new Kit Kats.

There is no more information to provide at the moment. We are doing our best to learn about other locations that are offering the Lemon Crisp, however. Food Lion cannot be the only store that has these awesome candies for sale. The flavor does not come in full-size form, to the best of our knowledge. The only bags that have seen are the miniature size.

This is not the first time that Kit Kat has dabbled with lemon flavors. The Japanese arm of the company released its own lemon Kit Kats a while back. Those candies came with a pinch of salt added to them, though.

We cannot wait to see what the other surprises are going to be. It is clear to see that this candy company has a lot in store for us in the years to come.

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