Kit Kat Set To Release 5 New Flavors In 2020, Including Cherry Cola And Orange Creamsicle

Most people tend to think about candy in October but there are reasons to consider it when it comes to the new year as well. In 2020, we may just be looking at some epic additions to the line of Kit Kat flavors.

Although there is a lot of mystery that surrounds the releases, there are good indications that the new flavors may be on the way. For example, @Markie_devo is an Instagrammer who posted that there may be four new flavors coming out in 2020.

Those flavors, including Cotton Candy, Chocolate Cream Pie, Cherry Cola, and Orange Creamsicle may show up on the shelves of Walmart in 2020. It’s interesting that Markie uses the word ‘possible’ when talking about the new flavors but we can always hope.

Another Instagrammer, @Junkfoodleaks posted the possibility of an Apple pie flavor being added to the mix. It has been popular in Japan, so it’s obvious they are already testing it in a favorable market. Walmart has not released any information about the possible new flavor.

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๐Ÿฅง F O O D C O M A ๐Ÿฅง Ohh y'all thought I was done done huh? In the spirit of giving and all things cranberry sauce, it seems like a great time to show you yet ANOTHER Kit-Kat gem coming to the US as a limited release — apple pie! Slated for sometime in 2020, these bars of goodness will eventually make their way to shelves across the states, and then swiftly into your belly. Similar to birthday cake, I tend to think many apple pie variants aren't that great. I try them ALL, just to see if someone's cracked the code. Unfortunately, the only person who's ever really nailed it to a T was my two homies @benandjerrys American Apple Pie, which somehow kept crispy pie crust in the middle of ice cream. (???) With that said, these lil babies are great. They're not as artificial as many apple pie products out there. It has a great crunch in the center, which many do not. And of course, it does embody some actual authentic apple flavor! I do think that while tough, stuffing a bit of dried apple in these things would be the one thing that would make them truly amazing. I know these exist in Japan, but I'm not sure what they taste like, so unfortunately I cannot draw a fair comparison. What I will say is that these are certainly not to be missed when they eventually touch down, as they are of course limited, and will undoubtedly be gobbled up ๐Ÿฅ as soon as they're available. Super crunchy, super cinnamon, and a lot of apple. @stoolpresidente, holla at me sometime. Let's collab. I got you. I'll fly you out west and we'll make some magic happen. These babes get a respectful ๐Ÿšจ7.9๐Ÿšจfrom me. I do really like them, but it's missing something, and I don't know what it is. I think I'll take them over to McDonald's and have them blended inside of a mcflurry. That might be the move.

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Although we will have to wait to see what shows up in the stores, we might want to make our plans to head down to Walmart so we don’t miss a single day.

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