Kim Kardashian Microwaves M&Ms And Fans Are Freaking Out

We often see Kim Kardashian West showing up in the headlines but it isn’t always for something quite this important. She used Twitter to give some advice on how to eat M&Ms to @KrysJenner and our world may never be the same again.

The tweet is right here in the post below, and you can see the response to the picture of M&Ms posted originally by Krys. She gave the advice: “Put them on a plate than in the microwave for 30 seconds and it will change your life!” She also added, “Melted on the inside and crunchy on the outside.”

It seems as if everybody has their own way to eat M&Ms. Some people eat them one at a time and other people put an entire handful in their mouths. One thing that many of us have never considered is cooking the candy.

Many of the responses showed that most people never thought about using the microwave and were happy with the results. Some people responded: “Kim, are you high?” and “wtf” but the vast majority of people were changing the way that they ate M&Ms. Some even said to add popcorn to the mix.

@KrysJenner followed up the tweet to confirm that she tried the advice.

I think what she was trying to say is that it was a nice experience and she will probably be trying it again.

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