Kids Try 100 Years Of Health Foods… And Their Reactions Are Priceless!

Health diets and trends come and go over the years. Sure, we may look back one day on the things we’re eating now and realize it wasn’t the smartest choice, but hopefully, we’re getting better and better at determining true healthy foods and diets.

As they say, knowledge is power. Knowing what we do now about different foods and what the body actually needs, it’s alarming that some of these foods were marketed as “healthy!”

Aside from seeing the interesting health foods over the decades, the video below shows kids trying out these different dishes. Trust us, their recations are priceless. But, can we really blame them? Does anyone like cod oil?

Or, if we’re being honest, kale smoothies? These kids have no filter as they sample the finest health trends of the last 100 years. It’s too funny!

After drinking a kale smoothie, one kid said, “My advice to anyone who has to drink this: just pour it under the table.”

Go ahead and watch the hilarious video below!

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