KFC Now Has Tacos But The Shell Is Made From Fried Chicken

KFC has been looking to break all of the rules when it comes to the foods that we know and love. That’s what the rules are there in the first place, right? The brand first decided to issue a sandwich that came with fried chicken buns. If this were not enough, they then decided to create a chicken sandwich that comes with doughnut buns.

In case this was not enough, they are also reinventing the taco. These tacos come with a fried chicken shell, but there is a slight catch: they’re only available at the KFC in Singapore. What’s the name of this magnificent creation? The Kentaco.

The Kentaco is constructed from fried chicken and comes with lettuce, tomatoes, and a mixture of cheeses. There are four different types of cheeses in the mixture, including cheddar, mozzarella, Romano, and Emmental.

The new item was announced earlier this month and people have been making their way to KFC Singapore to try it out for themselves. All of the reviews that we have seen have been quite positive with one reviewer claiming to be head over heels in love with the taco and another saying that they are simply surprised that the taco is not awful.

The tacos cost $5.95 and a full meal with the tacos cost $7.95.

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No one knows how long these tacos are going to be on the menu. Perhaps they’ll be limited-edition. Or, maybe this is a test market and they’ll be expanding to other locations soon? Either way, if you want to try a Kentaco for sure, you’ll want to head to KFC Singapore and swoop one up.

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