KFC Will Offer Free Delivery Through April 26th

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has made its way to the United States, we are all being encouraged to remain indoors and avoid larger crowds. This means that delivery services are going to be working overtime. Companies are also doing their best to look out for the consumer by waiving their fees. KFC has elected to get on board, offering their own delivery service until April 26, 2020.

Seamless and Grubhub are working with KFC to assist customers. If you are having a craving for KFC and you are unwilling to brave the crowds, you can simply place a delivery order. There is one small catch: you must order at least $12 worth of food.

KFC has even decided to pull their ads that refer to the chicken as being “finger-licking” good. Since there were over 100 complaints about the slogan being potentially misleading, it was a good idea to pull the ads. This is not the time for jokes and KFC certainly does not want to give anyone the wrong impression.

It is important for diners to pay close attention to the guidelines that are being put into place. Be sure to wash your hands before the delivery drivers have the chance to arrive, and you’ll also want to wash your hands after they have left. If you have been sick recently, do not answer the door. You are also going to want to tip your driver very well for putting themselves at risk.

KFC’s announcement comes on the heels of various other announcements from other dining establishments. While the eat-in restaurants are suspending operations, drive-thru restaurants are still going strong. Let’s do our best to look out for one another during this difficult period. The only way that we are going to get through this is by banding together.

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