KFC Made Crocs That Look And Smell Like A Bucket Of Fried Chicken

You may have noticed that Crocs are somewhat in style at the moment. We see them so often, we barely even bat an eye anymore. They are not just for dads and grandmothers, either. Crocs are worn by everyone, everywhere. We did not approve of this trend initially but we are not going to lie to you…they are growing on us!

The brand is actually becoming cool, to be quite honest. That’s what happens with companies of this nature. Fashion is cyclical and everything becomes cool eventually. Now, Crocs are about to get even cooler, thanks to their recent collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken. You read that last sentence right. KFC and Crocs are coming together.

Photo: Crocs

It’s the sort of collaboration that you would never expect, and yet, it makes sense on some crazy level. The shoes that are going to be released have been inspired by the company’s chicken buckets. As you might have expected, the shoes have also been inspired by the chicken itself.

Believe it or not, there are even two different versions to choose from. The classic clog looks much like the usual Croc that you know and love, with a minor twist. The design from the Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket is on the bottom. The fried chicken print on the top is a nice touch. Two removable chicken-scented Jibbitz have also been added.

Photo: Crocs

These guys have truly thought of everything. While they are chicken-scented, we must warn you: You cannot eat them! Hopefully, this information finds you in time. As for the second pair, these are known as the bucket clog. These clogs even come with a 4.5-inch platform. Those who pay close attention to New York Fashion Week probably noticed these bad boys when the photos were released.

That’s right, Crocs are now high fashion. The platforms cannot be purchased by the general public, but you can still snag the classic clogs for the price of $59.99. If you would like to get your paws on a pair before it is too late, we urge you to pay a visit to their website. You can also sign up for a reminder if they are out of stock at this time. Please be sure to pass this one along to the Crocs lovers in your life!

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