Keep It Social With This Essential Post-Workout Activity

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There’s something about working out with a partner that seems to make the whole experience seem easier and more enjoyable. Once you’ve completed your workout, take time to chat and get a few minutes of good stretching time. Much like you might debrief after an important meeting, think of your post-workout stretch as an important time to “debrief” your muscles, helping them to repair and grow stronger. We’ve got a few stretches to do with a partner post workout. Grab a buddy and give them try!

Remember to consult with your doctor before beginning a new fitness program.

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In the rush to squeeze in a workout, it can be all too easy to skip stretching. But if you can spare yourself 5 minutes post-workout, you’ll do wonders for your body. A cool down that includes stretching helps our heart rate return to its pre-workout levels in a healthy, controlled way. This allows the recovery process to begin and helps to flush out any soreness that we will likely experience after a hard workout.

Make stretching a little more fun by grabbing a buddy! We’ve put together a few stretches that are designed with a buddy in mind. Check it out!

Post-workout stretching is an important part of maintaining a healthy fitness routine. Just as we need to warm up in order to prepare our muscles for a workout, so do too do we need to take a few minutes after that workout to cool down and stretch. You can easily stretch on your own, but finding a friend to stretch with makes this post-workout activity have more meaning.

We’ve got a great partner workout video. Click on Next Page to give it a try!

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