1980s Supermodel, Joan Severance, Shares Her Age-Defying Beauty Tips

You may remember Joan Severance from the peak of her modeling days in the 1980s. Today, she is in her 60s, and still is gorgeous as ever! Joan shares with us some of the beauty tips that she uses to keep herself looking young but still natural. Don’t worry, there’s no complicated routine here. In fact, the whole process takes about five minutes!

1. Peel-Off Face Mask

Start with a clean, dry face, and then apply a moisterizing mask. Let it dry while you do other things, or help the process along by using a blowdryer. Joan jokes, “Wouldn’t it be great if you took this off and you’d be twenty-five again?!”

2. Cleanser

Next step – cleanser! Joan uses an enzyme gel. As she puts it, “The enzyms eat away at… stuff.” You can really see her fun and fiesty personality come out in this makeup tutorial! Once you massage the gel in to your face, you can wash it off with warm water.

3. Toner & Serum

Then, use just a little spritz of toner, and a few drops of peptide renewal serum to “plump up” the skin. Both of these stay on your face, no need to wash them off.

4. Blemish Control

Joan uses an all-natural blemish control – oilve oil with a little vitamin D. This helps to healt the skin naturally. You can also use it for bags under your eyes, or any discoloration of your skin.

5. Defining Lips And Brows

You might think that this supermodel has naturally full lips, but she’s the first to point out that’s not the case! Joan expertly applies lip liner to help draw out and define the natural line of her lips. When she’s all done, she gives a little smack of her lips. “There! I have a mouth!”

Next, she adds mascara – though, Joan does say she wipes the brush off a bit to remove a lot of the clumps of mascara. Then, she takes her brow pencil and “fills in the gaps” while subtly shaping the brow.

Joan explains that she starts by defining the lip and brow to make sure she gets the weight and balance of her face, so she can then go in and see what else needs to be done.

6. Concealer And Blush

Finally, Joan adds a bit of powder foundation to some of those discolored areas. She also says she doesn’t use eye shadow every day, but she will add a little bit of the powder foundation to the crease of her eye to help define the shape.

Next she adds a bit of blush, and tells us to always, always, make sure to get your ears. That’s right! Make sure to brush a little bit over your ears as you blend into the hairline.

Finally, Joan blots on concealer to those blemishes and dark spots on her skin. She also adds a few drops to the inside corner of each eye, which really helps those beautiful eyes of hers pop!
That’s it! Such a simple beauty routine that keeps this already gorgeous lady feeling beautiful and young throughout the day. Watch the video below for more details on the products and the routine she uses.

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