People Are Already Saying Jimmy Fallon And John Cena’s Super Bowl Ad Is “The Best One Ever”

Most people know Jimmy Fallon because of his work as a late-night talk show host but he has many talents. If you pay attention to the commercial he created with fitness icon John Cina, it seems as if the 45-year-old Tonight Show host is also proficient in about five sports. That isn’t even to mention the 2020 Super Bowl commercial for Michelob Ultra that may just be the best thing ever on TV.

Jimmy and John hit the gym at the beginning of the commercial for some weight training. Unfortunately, Jimmy doesn’t hold onto his weight and it goes out the window. Next, the two of them are at a bar where Jimmy tells Cena, “working out sucks!” The commercial then follows Jimmy through many different sports and exercises.

One of the more interesting parts of the commercial was when The Roots show up while they are running on the track. As Jimmy is complaining, “This is it! This is how I die!”, The band suddenly enters the picture and Jimmy gets his momentum back. Even Usain Bolt shows up to keep him motivated.

Jimmy tries his hand out at a number of different sports, from beach volleyball to the football field. When he is able to avoid a sack, John exclaims, “I’m so proud I could squat you.”

Twitter was buzzing with positive comments about the commercial, many of them saying it was all the motivation they needed.

We might laugh at the commercial but for Jimmy, it was no laughing matter. “I was so sore, either it was the Michelob Ultra or working out, I lost 10 pounds doing that commercial,” he said on Today.

Jimmy admits that he isn’t a big fan of drinking beer but he is a fan of being in a Super Bowl commercial, his first one ever. The commercial may even follow his real-life exercise routine. An advertising agency was looking for somebody who hated working out but loves beer and they just happened to see Jimmy working out in the gym on Instagram.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

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