This Rare Banana From Japan Comes With An Edible Peel

Most of us like bananas, right? They’re a great topping for your morning oatmeal with a little cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup. They are a handy snack. And, they make for great desserts – hello, Banoffee Pie.

The only downside to bananas is if you’re going to enjoy one as a snack, you need to scope out the nearest trash can so you can toss the peel once you’re done. But what if you could just eat the skin? Now you can with Japanese edible-peel bananas. No more hassle, just eat the banana – skin and all.

These new edible skinned bananas are called “Mongee,” and they’re only found in Japan. The name, “Mongee” is slang for “incredible.” And yes, these bananas do seem pretty mongee, to be fair.

Interestingly enough, these bananas were created without the help of genetic modification. Instead, they were developed using what farmers refer to as the “freeze thawing awakening method.” This method employs growing banana trees in a very cold climate of negative 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, the frozen crop is thawed and replanted. The result is the new trees sprout fast-growing, soft bananas with edible peels.

While all this makes perfect sense, there are still some questions floating about. What do you do with the “butt” of the banana? Is that suddenly edible too? Just asking for a friend.

While edible banana skins seem revolutionary, there are still plenty of people who are against the idea.

One Daily Meal editor voiced concern saying, “I don’t want to watch someone eating that.”

Fair enough.

There is also the question of taste. We know what the banana fruit itself tastes like, but what about the skin? According to those who’ve already tried the Mongee bananas, they say it’s relatively tasteless while others have stated that it’s actually got a mildly tropical flavor – similar to pineapple.

As for the peel’s texture, it is said to be quite similar to a thin lettuce leaf. Interesting.

But, it actually could be good for you, since D & T Farm claims that the banana peel is an excellent source of vitamin B6, magnesium, and tryptophan. Tryptophan is the amino acid responsible for making you feel sleepy. And when you’re sleepy, serotonin can be released, making you happier. So that might be a reason to start munching banana peels.

These bananas are actually sweeter than the regular bananas as they have 25 grams of sugar compared to the standard 18. Of course, it might have high sugar content, but at least it’s natural sugars. Plus, you’re getting other nutrients with it, so it’ll all even out, right?

Would you try the new Mongee banana? Let us know!

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