The Grand Opening of a J.M. Fields Department Store in 1964

For anyone who ever shopped at an old J.M. Fields store, there are quite a few things that you’ll remember are different to today’s stores. Back then a trip to the department was a big deal, yet the idea of self-service department store shopping was still a brand new concept. A grand opening for one of the Fields stores in Tallahassee, Florida, reveals just how much effort went into making it one of the most well-known discount stores in the country at the time.

This 1964 store grand opening was even presided over by Mrs. America and Miss Tallahassee! Have a look at a few scenes which might stir up some memories of days gone by and stores now gone.

Groundbreaking ceremony before construction began. Via/ State Archives of Florida

“J. M. FIELDS OPENING – Tallahassee’s newest, and largest, department store – J. M. Fields – opened for business this morning and several hundred people were on hand to shop moments after the opening ceremonies. City, County and Fields officials were on hand for the ribbon cutting. Also present was Mrs. America and Miss Tallahassee. The store, located at the intersection of Monroe and Tharpe, will be open until 10 p.m. daily, except Sundays.” Via/ State Archives of Florida

Mrs. America, Deseree Jenkins, and Miss Tallahassee, Sheila Clarke. Via/ State Archives of Florida

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